Global Art Biennale

For promoting the development of global art, exploring the internationally leading outstanding artists in painting, sculpture, art, design, installation, cross-media, intangible cultural heritage and other fields, showing the style of contemporary artists and young outstanding artists, displaying the latest artistic charm, pushing the creative and personalized works of art, and paying attention to the academic and practical nature of the art field, The 2021 Global Art Biennale opened in London, the most dynamic capital of the world, on 20 September 2021, for exhibition reviewers, museum and gallery workers, art brokers and tourists from all over the world to discuss, exchange and visit.

The Global Art Biennale includes representative artists from all over the world who have the potential to develop contemporary art and explore new directions in the field of art, and finally meets the audience after screening and evaluation by the jury. During the exhibition period, the Biennale displayed all kinds of art, including oil painting, sculpture, arts and crafts, performance art, performance, survival art, intervention plot, improvisation art, etc. On the basis of individual selection and approval, all the judges voted together to select the best and select various prizes.

This Biennale is better than the previous biennale in terms of the quality of the judges, the strictness of the selection criteria and the scale of artists’ participation. Among them, one third of the artists have participated in the Venice Biennale on behalf of their own countries.

The theme of the 2021 Global Art Biennale is “change”. Basing on London, the most influential metropolis in the world, the GAB would like to continuously radiate to the international and cross-art fields, to promote the new trend of the development of the cultural and art industry, and to establish the wind vane of cultural and art creation.

The 2021 Global Art Biennale displayed the works of different artists, and brought the world excellent artistic visual enjoyment, which became a milestone in the world art history.

The Global Art Biennale, established in 2002, is by far the largest, most widely spread and most visited contemporary visual art festival in Britain.

The Global Art Biennale in London, UK, keeps abreast of other important biennales in the world: Venice Biennale, Whitney Biennale and Sao Paulo Biennale, which play a coordinating role in leading the world’s art trend of great significance.

London, an international metropolis, has accumulated a lot of experience in curating exhibitions. From convening the host and the jury to hold the exhibition, to entrusting the internationally renowned, ambitious and challenging artists to provide new art works for the gallery and public exhibition space, all these characteristics make this Biennale ingenious and outstanding. There is no rival in scale and ambition in the UK and anywhere else in the world. The Global Art Biennale (London) has set an example for the rest of the world and, like a magnet, attracts art lovers and experts from all over the world. They come from China, Canada, Israel, the United States, Italy, France, Argentina and other countries.

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