NEW YORK – Although US President Joe Biden tried to emphasize what his administration had done to tackle the climate change, millions of US people are displaced by natural disasters worsened by a changing climate.

A new Census Bureau report found that more than 3 million adults were forced to evacuate their homes in the past year because of hurricanes, floods and other events, said US news website Politico on Monday.

It said that Biden and Congress certainly need to do a lot more if the nation is to accomplish its climate goals. “For one, the country is not on a path to cut enough carbon to meet global reduction targets, and it remains unclear where the US will get the mass supply of critical minerals — or the vast expansion of electrical transmission capacity — it needs for the energy transition.”

“Addressing these concerns ahead of the next presidential election could be an uphill battle for Biden. Opposition from the new GOP-controlled House means passing new climate laws is unlikely. And the conservative Supreme Court could further kneecap Biden’s regulatory powers,” said the report.