Li Junchen signs for his readers

Tsinghua University Press launched Li Junchen (Jonsson Yinya Li)’s book tour “Financial War and the City of London” on August 27 at the Xueyan Center in Beijing. The event attracted many scholars, readers as well as reporters. Li gave a lecture on the development of London from a financial perspective, and he also answered questions asked by his readers. After the lecture, Li signed books and took pictures with his readers to display his gratitude for their support.

Li Junchen takes a photograph with a reader

“Financial War and the City of London” was published by Tsinghua University Press. It gives an introduction to the city of London, one of the three financial centers in the world, about its historical development and its specific traditions. London’s financial position in the world is also explained in the book. Furthermore, the development and status-quo of venture capital investment and private equity represented by the city of London are also discussed. This is an admirable financial reference book as well as an exquisite travel book to learn about London’s unique cultural heritage.

Li Junchen on book tour in Beijing

Li is a professional investment manager, and has published a series of works, including “Investing in China”, “Venture Capital and Private Equity”. In addition to working in the financial industry and writing books, Li is also involved in other fields, such as media and the preservation of historical relics. “I’m proud of being Chinese because there are thousands of talented individuals in China,” he said. “I hope my practice could encourage more Chinese to move to the international stage.”

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