On Monday 28th January 2019, the British Chinese Youth Federation held their 2019 Annual General Meeting at the House of Commons and reviewed the BBA Ceremony that took place on the 24th January. Hosted by former Minister of Sport and Tourism Helen Grant MP – current Deputy Chair of the Conservative Party. The meeting and BBA ceremony took place on schedule with a global gathering of guests.

The summary of the BBA ceremony 2018/19: Supported by Robert Courts MP, the BCYF in association with the European Institute of VC/PE Centre of Renmin (People’s) University of China, think-tank Institute for International Strategic Coexistence, held the grand “2018-2019 Big Ben Award Ceremony for Global Outstanding”, the BBA’s 10-Year Anniversary Reception and the 16th World Elite Young Leaders Summit at the Houses of Parliament, London, U.K. on the 24th Jan 2019. Nearly 200 guests from the United Kingdom, China, USA, France, Germany, Egypt, Brazil, Australia, Japan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Taiwan as well as other countries and regions attended the event. Sponsors for the 2018 BBA included Marbella.co.uk, BCYF.org.uk, EMD Group, Silk Ventures, See Woo UK, Art In Fusion TV and Leading Oriental News.

The Founder of BBA, Professor Jonsson Yinya LI, made the opening speech and performed the opening ceremony with Lord Mereworth, James Cleverly MP Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party, and Stephen Perry President of the 48 Group Club.

In his discourse James Cleverly said, “The UK and China are both major powers with a global perspective. As the UK leaves the EU and becomes ever-more outward-looking, we are committed to deepening this vital partnership for the 21st century.” He cited Peppa Pig as a lighthearted example of the UK’s appeal in China. He emphasized his belief that the UK and China will continue to work together to identify how both can cooperate on the Belt and Road initiative across the region and ensure it meets international standards with the development of the “Golden Era”.

The UK Minister for Asia and the Pacific, the Rt. Hon Mark Field MP, won the Politician of the Year 2018. He accepted the BBA certification and crystal trophy at his Westminster office. Field was awarded the prize for his remarkable contribution in the area of Foreign Affairs, where he is respected by most diplomats, and maintains good relationships between the UK and other countries in the Asia and Pacific region. Field pledged to carry out more measures in the coming years to further Sino-UK cooperation.

The Winners of 2018 BBA Global Outstanding Young Persons includes Violinist Leo Appel, Qiang MA (Co-Founder of Fan A Internet Technology in Cairo, Egypt), Kiera Chaplin (model and actress /Granddaughter of Charlie Chaplin), Nancy Vuu (USA fashion designer), Publisher Tom Chalmers from Legend Times, Olympic Champion Jike Zhang (table tennis athlete, the fastest player ever to win a Grand Slam), Asako Fujisawa (Chair of Inter-Cultural Society), Negin Khpalwak (Female conductor leading the Zohra – the first all-female orchestra in Afghanistan), Rebeca Riofrio (Media Producer), Justis Kao (Creative in Music Industry, Founder of AIM Foundation) from Canada/USA.

The Winners of 2018 BBA UK Ten Outstanding Young Persons includes Leisha Santorelli (senior journalist & reporter of BBC World Service, also the winner of Excellence in Journalism Prize), Kevin Lee (photographer), Dengcheng Wang (culture exchange entrepreneur), Peng Lin (Ms. Wales and charity volunteer), Emana LEUNG (singer & business professional), Eve Li (community service), Dong Li (China Eastern Airline London GM), Zhizhi Chen (education professional), Lynn Lingyun TIAN (beauty service) and Emma Zhong (writer).

In her acceptance speech, Leisha Santorelli pointed out that she is proud to be part of the world’s largest international broadcaster, the BBC, and she is one of few Chinese reporters on-air, which is a big responsibility at this point in history.

Other winners of 2018 BBA include Jonathan Reuvid – International Business Writer of the Year, Justin Glass for International Network Prize, Lord Mereworth for Lifelong Achievement Prize, China Fujian High Sun Foundation for International Charity Contribution Prize, China Eastern Airlines & Stephen Perry for Golden Era Belt & Road Special Contribution Prize, Molly Irene Samuel-Leport MBE for Community Political Services, Anna Hodson-Pressinger for International Charity Contribution Prize, William Leonard Adlington for International Friendship Prize, Sai Lee for Scotland Outstanding Chinese Prize, Domenico Meliti for Community Housing Service Prize, Jiangbo MENG for Most Admire Young Journalist of the Year, Anglia Ruskin University awarded Most Potential Development Modern University Prize, Eric Manu for Common-wealth Hospitality Prize and Lady Henrietta Rous for International Community Service Contribution Prize.

The charity auction for the brand new Chinese Ex-chairman Guofeng HUA’s handwriting porcelain was hosted by Maurisa Coleman, honorary executive member of BCYF.

The hosts included Lisa HE (Ms. Chinese Global) and Shuo YANG (Mr. Chinese Global), who both are the Champions of 2018 Global Ms.& Mr. Chinese Pageant and The Young Charity Ambassadors of Big Ben Award of the Year 2019, and Yunting Ma (1st Runner Up of 2018 Global Ms. & Mr. Chinese Pageant).

The award presenters included Leonardo Santi Simonelli Chairman of UK Italian Chamber of Commerce, Nic Careem, Christian Vinante Giovannini (UK/EU Deputy Director of BBA/BCYF), Sophie Vyse, Doug Coleman from Bloomberg, Luisa Meliti, Tina Yam, David Isaacs, Naz Islam, Comendador Marcio Borlenghi Fasano, Debbie Borlenghi Fasano, Jawed Nader, Abe Tse (Founder and President of Satellite Consortium of Home Care and Charity Services for the Ethnic Minority Communities), Akiko Seddigh, Henry Tillman, etc.

Established in 2008, the Big Ben Award (www.bigbenaward.com) and its global coordinator BCYF endeavors to establish and promote role models, high achievers and brands (cities and companies) around the world. The Committee rewards individuals of excellence in various fields, such as technology, economy, education, culture, medicine and sports. The BBA aims to praise excellent people with outstanding accomplishments and strong sense of social responsibility. The BBA also hosts charity events helping young families in distress and youth people with disabilities.

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