BEIJING — The 2022 Winter Olympic Games will see its opening ceremony combine the cultures of Chinese New Year, the Great Wall and the Olympics, organizers said.

The Games’ opening ceremony will be held in the National Stadium, known as the Bird’s Nest, during China’s Spring Festival holiday on Feb 4, which also represents the first day of spring in China’s lunar calendar.

“We aim to deliver a unique opening ceremony that invites people from all over the world to share the joy and excitement of Chinese New Year with us,” said Chang Yu, head of media and communications for the Beijing Games.

On Aug 8, 2008, the opening ceremony for that year’s Olympic Games took place in Beijing’s Bird’s Nest stadium, and as the first city to host both Summer and Winter Olympics, the eyes of the world will be on Beijing again in 2022.

Chang also serves as deputy director of opening and closing ceremonies, a department that was established this year to collect and frame out innovative plans for both procedures.

“A good opening ceremony plays an important role in successfully hosting the Games and building the country’s image,” said Chang.

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