The United Kingdom could soon recommend face coverings in all public places including offices and other workplaces, the Telegraph reported on Tuesday, a day after the government said masks will be made mandatory in shops from July 24.

Officials have started private talks with groups representing major employers as ministers prepare a “road map” to avoid a second wave of COVID-19, the report added.

On Friday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to set out a fresh road map for his long-term strategy, which will include details of how the country will get back to work without risking a second spike, it said.

Face coverings inside shops are already compulsory in a few other European countries including Germany, Spain and Italy.

Johnson had said last week that tighter rules on wearing face coverings might be needed, while opposition Labour Party criticised his government for not moving sooner in England.

Monday’s order noted that people who fail to wear face coverings may be fined up to 100 pounds ($125.48) – in line with existing fines for people who do not cover their faces on public transport – which would fall to 50 pounds if paid within 14 days.

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