There are about 100 days to win the US presidential election. The current polls show that Trump’s support rate is lower than Biden’s by more than 10%. The Trump administration deliberately manipulated anti-China issues for the general election. This dangerous move made the US-China relationship go backwards and deliberately raised the conflict situation between the United States and China.

In the past two years, Trump first suppressed China in the trade war, and then slandered China in the epidemic prevention war.

At the same time, a series of military provocations were launched in China’s South China Sea. Facing the losses brought by the economic and trade war to the American people and the complete failure of the epidemic prevention work in the United States, President Trump had to do something to prove his irreplaceable “value”, so he suddenly closed the Chinese Consulate General in Houston. Trump must reflect his tough side in the face of elections: I, Trump, am tougher and have stronger leadership than the Democratic candidate!

Unfortunately, the Chinese government has not been fooled. Recently, the Chinese government’s response only expressed more dissatisfaction with the Trump administration, while its attitude towards the American people remained the same. An open letter to friends in the south of U.S. published by the Chinese Consul General in Houston said: “Both China and the United States are great countries, and bilateral exchanges between the Chinese government and the southern region of the United States will not stop.

The Chinese Embassy in the United States will make proper arrangements for friendly cooperation and consular business between China and the United States. Although the direction of history sometimes twists and turns due to the interference of a few people, the friendship between the Chinese and American people will be maintained, and no one can stop the bright prospect of Sino-American friendly cooperation. “

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