BUENOS AIRES – Argentina was elected on Friday to occupy the rotating presidency of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) in 2022, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

Argentine Foreign Affairs Minister Santiago Cafiero thanked the “unanimous support” of the regional bloc’s member countries during the 22nd Meeting of CELAC Foreign Affairs Ministers taking place in Buenos Aires.

“We will work on CELAC’s institutional strengthening through opportunities for dialogue and agreement, always with an open agenda, always calling everyone and listening to all voices,” Cafiero said.

Cafiero presented 15 topics for discussion among bloc members, including post-COVID-19 economic recovery; a regional health strategy; space cooperation; science, technology and innovation for social inclusion; and dialogue with partners from outside the region.

“This is the work plan that Argentina proposes. It is the starting point. It is an agenda open to discussion, to incorporating new challenges and new goals,” said Cafiero.

The minister also thanked the delegations present for supporting Argentina’s claim to the Malvinas Islands off its South Atlantic coast, in its long-running dispute with the United Kingdom.

CELAC was launched in 2011 as a mechanism for regional coordination and integration to promote unity and economic growth.